Rangkuman The Role of Culture

17 Nov

Rangkuman The Role of Culture

Culture is the ecquired knowledge that people use to interpret  experience and generated social behavior.
Characteristic of culture :
1.       Learned is not interited or bilologically based,it is ecquired by learning and experience.
2.       Shared is members of a group, organization, of society share culture, it is not specific to single individuals.
3.       Transgenerational is cumulative,passed down from one generation to the next
4.       Symbolic is based on the human capacity to the symbolize or use one thing to represent another.
5.       Patterned is has structure  and is integrated  a change is one part will bring change is another.
6.       Adaptive is based one the human capacity to change or adapt,as apposed to the genetically driven  adaptive process of animals.
Cultural diverisity there are many ways of examining cultural differences and their impact o international management.culture can affect technology transfer, managerial attitudes, managerial ideology, and even business government relations.
Values is basic convictions that people have regarding what is right and wrong, good and bad,important or  unimportant.
 Cultural Dimensions
The four now-well-known dimensions that hofstede examine were :
1.       Power distance : is the extend to whichn less powerful members of institutions and organizations accept that power is distributed unequally.
2.       Uncertainty avoidance : is the extend to which people feel threatened by ambiguous situations and have created beliefs and institutions that try to avoid these
3.       Individualsm : is the tendency of people to look after themselves and their immediate family only
4.       Masculinity : is a culture in which the dominant values in society are success, money, and things.
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